About Us

Society of Emotional Intelligence

The Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI) is a non-profit educational and professional organization that focuses on supporting, encouraging, and educating our communities on Emotional Intelligence(EI). Established in 2009, SoEI is dedicated to bringing EI into practice for individuals and groups including families, schools, organizations and communities. Through membership in the society, participants help advance the field of EI and its impact on creating more caring and responsible citizens of our global society.

Our goal is to grow the effectiveness and impact of our members through sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge and interactive programs featuring best-in-class thought leaders, not only from EI, but a broad range of disciplines such as conflict management, peace-making, mediation, diversity, coaching and leadership.

Ohio Chapter

Vision: Be the catalyst for increasing EI within our community. 

Mission: Talk, Share, and Grow Emotional Intelligence to increase the knowledge, ability, and application of EI for people, organizations, and communities in Ohio.